Women That Went From Side Chick To Main

Ballerific Relationships: Baggage Claim

Hard instances might tear you apart, but when someone loves you they’ll keep believing they usually’ll keep holding on. They will stay as a result of they know that going by way of those phases in life make the relationships stronger and that better instances will soon come. If a married man is flirting with a married woman, his gaze may be fastened on someone his wife isn’t or somebody he needs his spouse to become. His motivations can involve the “different girl” being a greater resemblance of his spouse . This variety-seeking may be another form of manipulation in the direction of his wife, encouraging her to be somebody she just isn’t so as to achieve his attention and affection back from the lady with whom he’s flirting.

Life Style

What does a side chick do?

A side chick’s main responsibility is to keep things fun and exciting. Giving him short answers and acting uninterested will make him hit you with the “I’m going to go do _____” or “Talk to you later.” If you decide to text him first, substance is needed, doing the whole “Hey” or “What’s up?” = SMFH.

All her associates had been on the dance flooring, gyrating their bums to the music. What kind of girls would do that to a different? Many of us returned to the desk to collect our issues and left the party. Molade was not in sight, so there was no need to ask her for excuse.

How do you know if he’s texting another girl?

Signs He’s Talking to Another Girl 1. He acts super protective with his phone.
2. He randomly stops talking to you and acts flaky.
3. He is always texting someone when you’re together.
4. He gets shifty when asked certain questions.
5. Confront him.
6. Make it clear that you do not tolerate being lied to.
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A Lament From The Other Woman

  • You know your typical badass thirty yr old can’t raise a man certified douche bag.
  • SMDH wow now that I even have that off my chest haha I can get back to my level.
  • I’ve been the wifey and now the worst statement of all, THE SIDE CHICK.
  • Sophisticated properly reserved cheating man of law enforcement and of presidency affiliations.
  • Typical software bag with a head larger then a full blown sizzling air balloon.
  • See, my husband was what most individuals name a excessive class douche bag.

How do you move the side chick to the main chick?

3 Ways to move from being a side chick to the main chick 1. Don’t be too available. If you want the guy to miss you and get a lot of attention from him, you need to make yourself unavailable most of the time.
2. Accept that you are not alone. If you already know that you are the side chick, then you need to understand that you are not alone.
3. Stop thinking that he’ll leave her.

I understand that this matter could draw some criticism, of which I wholly perceive and respect. I respect people’s opinions, and I don’t wish to offend anyone with my blog.

Once Upon A Time, When You Were A Side Chick

When somebody loves you, they’ll keep to endure the storms with you. No matter how robust the winds are they’ll illicit encounters review climate any storm that comes your way.


Niyi and his girlfriend have been still engaged in their present of shame as I called it. Like each young woman, I dreamt of discovering a good-looking and successful husband and raising a loving family with him. Who knew my life would take such a dramatic turn. After several unhealthy relationships, numerous times of being hurt and sacrifices I’ve made to search out love, the facet chick was born and perfected. He came to Los Angeles every different weekend to go to and was planning on moving there to be with me permanently in a number of months.