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Last Espresso. Check how lengthy ago you experienced your very last coffee centered on when caffeine was last logged in HealthKit.

You can use this shortcut in the widget and Siri. Water Right now. Check how substantially drinking water you’ve got drunk now primarily based on h2o entries logged in HealthKit.

You can use this shortcut in the widget and Siri. Glass of Drinking water.

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Log a compact glass of water in HealthKit. By default, the shortcut logs 150 milliliters of drinking water to the Overall health application. Log Espresso.

Log a cup of espresso as caffeine intake in HealthKit. By default, the shortcut logs 50 milligrams of caffeine to the Health application. The shortcut can also be made use of from the widget and Siri. Home. Shuffle Playlist on HomePod.

Shuffle a playlist on a particular HomePod, with a certain quantity level, and dim the lights.

The shortcut requires to be configured centered on speakers and HomeKit equipment in your house. Electricity Rate. Uses the ComEd Recent Hour Regular energy price tag API for Northern Illinois to return the typical selling price of electrical energy for the current hour in USD. JavaScript. Video Speed Up.

Speed up a indigenous online video player in Safari picking out from a checklist of pace presets. Full Display screen Video. Enable entire-monitor manner for a native online call recorder blackberry free video participant in Safari. Mac. Sleep Mac.

Put the display connected to a Mac on the similar regional community as your iOS product to snooze. HomePod Speaker Quantity. Change the quantity of multiple HomePods (or AirPlay speakers) related to iTunes at the moment. The checklist of preset volume degrees is customizable. The shortcut can also be run from the iOS widget. Check youtube-dl Formats.

Use youtube-dl to look at the accessible download formats for a YouTube hyperlink copied to the clipboard on iOS. The shortcut assumes youtube-dl has been set up on a community Mac underneath the /usr/neighborhood/bin folder. iTunes Current Tune. Get the album artwork of the tune at this time taking part in on iTunes on the Mac.

Set Active Speakers and Volume. Change the quantity of particular person HomePods (or AirPlay speakers) related to iTunes and pick out which ones need to be presently lively. The shortcut lets you pick just one or various speakers as well as enter an correct volume level. Wake Mac Login. Wake the screen linked to a Mac on the identical area community as your iOS device and paste your password in the login display screen by simulating keystrokes. Play iTunes Playlist. Choose a playlist to start off taking part in with iTunes on a Mac. The shortcut needs you to enter the precise title of playlists you want to play as soon as, on configuring the shortcut for the 1st time. Wake Mac. Wake the exhibit related to a Mac on the same area community as your iOS gadget. Set Mac Clipboard. Set your Mac’s clipboard to the contents of the existing iOS clipboard. The shortcut cleans up the iOS clipboard by escaping line breaks and prices. Toggle iTunes. Toggle the participant condition of the iTunes application on a Mac on the similar regional community as your iOS system. Markdown. Spreadsheet to Markdown Table. Convert a spreadsheet to a MultiMarkdown desk. For the greatest working experience, choose a desk in Numbers, duplicate cells, then operate the shortcut. Safari Markdown Choice. Convert a rich textual content range from a Safari webpage to Markdown and copy the simple textual content to the clipboard. The shortcut needs to operate as an extension in Safari. Markdown Table of Contents. Extract section headings from Markdown text shared with the extension and deliver a Desk of Contents for headings among H2 and H6.

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